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Friday, May 25, 2018



Starlight, star bright a fateful dawn of summer,
A sheer cry, new life into the world that bear
A babe with doe eyes sparkling like amethyst
And lips pink as coral and ebony hair at midst!

As he crawled like the wind so fast and furious,
A gift of God, a delight in our lives and a bliss
And he walked like a deer, with a gentle kiss--
Run like antelope hoping for the life he wish.

A blooming vine, sturdy as the hyacinth door,
Roses and lilies beacons for a simple glimpse
Loves the nectar in the abundant garden lo'--
Sweet as the honeylemon dew and magnolias!

Emman, garbed in reds and blues of pale hues,
A golden heart, a beautiful mind that deuce 
The likes of a mother who sometimes brood!
The love of a mother with sweetness imbued!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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