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Friday, May 18, 2018


Let the Leaves Fly 
The following is another beautiful poem from our distinguished Poetess, CYNTHIA.
Thanks).New World

I thought it's only a day
Forgot that come what may
It's so long the time is slow
Rush the wind so I can go!

It did not hear what I said
I turn to the sky so laid
Can I ride by the clouds
Just for a second round?

No, quite busy, ask the tree,
It may bring you for a tee
How, the nests to bother
The birds do matter...

Maybe the flowers will send,
They are lovely so may bend
It's a surprise, no not now
The bees will visit so how?

With grief, my friends not yield,
Faced the leaves in the field
Brownish yellow by the east
Amused and glad not to cease!

The leaves flutter like birds,
Whispered mirth not tears
Will fly for you north above
Is it near or far from dove?

Let the leaves fly by the seas,
Send the message as I wish
Warm greetings that I miss
Thanks, love and peace!

( A very beautiful and thought provoking poem. Thank you Cynthia
New World

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

I dedicate this poem today to George's family.  May the leaves fly to send my words 
of comfort and solace at this difficult time of their loss of George, a beloved father, a loving husband and a great writer, a wonderful grandfather and a friend to many! This poem was dedicated to George' family upon his demise on 15 June 2015.

Hyperbole, an effective figure of speech in literature was used.  The impact of the words fascinates and made the description picturesque.  (CAbegail)

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