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Friday, June 29, 2018

Farewell to A Great Man, a Missionary of Love and Faith ---George Kurian

In my several years of missionary work for the poor and faithful service to God Almighty in the Name of Jesus Christ, I have never encountered such a person as George Kurian.  Truly,  I admired his ethos in his life, "All are equal."  With some groups having a superiority over one another, his faith is remarkable.

He has respect for everyone, no matter what status in life they have, poor or rich, Gentile or Jew or just anybody.  I remembered St Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles stressing in the Letter of the Romans, "For all fall short of the glory of God."  How dare if we judge one another!

One more thing that I observe with our late George is his approach to wealth or money.  His principle is strong and his values are commendable.  Money is nothing for him but just a way to buy simple necessities in life.  But money could not buy the values in life!

Words are not enough to describe a great man.  What I know is George has been a living testimony of a true follower of Christ, a missionary of God's love and great faith in God Almighty!  As the Scripture attest, "God will provide, seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and everything will be added unto you."

Farewell to our beloved Chief Editor of New World, George Kurian.  Tears may flow unabated, we will always treasure you in our hearts.  Eternal rest grant upon his soul, O' Lord and may he rest in peace.  Amen.
As the first death anniversary of our former Editor-in-Chief
George Kurian will be on 15 June, we will republish his writings and articles from 3 June till 30 June.  George' 1st death anniversary is on 15 June.  

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