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Thursday, June 21, 2018


From the top of the tall cedar tree,
from the highest branch I shall take a shoot
and plant it myself on a high and lofty mountain
I shall plant it on the highest mountain in Israel.
I will put out branches and bear fruit
and grow into a noble cedar tree.
Every kind of bird will live beneath it,
every kind of winged creature will rest in the shade
of its branches.
And all the trees of the countryside will know that
I, Yahweh am the one
who lays the tall tree low and raises the low tree high,
who makes the green tree wither and makes the withered
tree bear fruit.
I, Yahweh have spoken, and I will do it.
                                                                     Ezek 17: 22-24
                                                                 New Jerusalem Bible

It is not difficult for us creatures to forget how great our God is!
It is sometimes possible that we forget the bare truth that God
can effect anything.  It is a common thing to think that we can do it by ourselves!
No!  If only we know that God can change our lives at his own time and will.
We will say, "O' it's a long time!"  But God has all of your life patient with
your meanderings and straying!  His mercy knows no bounds.
Could we not be still for a while, ponder on God's power to bring you low or high!
If your life is withered, then it can be green again, but trust in his Power
is a criterion.  One trust everything from the weatherman to the economist,
but has trickle of trust for his Creator!  It is time to reconsider one's priorities,
"What profit have you if you gain the whole world (money, fame and the likes
of it) but loses one's soul?  We are talking about eternity, not years!  If only we have
ears, we will listen!

Maria Cassia

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