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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


All Praise and Glory

At age three, I looked up the sky
One night when the stars are out
Overheard you created the world,
All praise and glory to you, our Lord!

At age seven, I looked by the sea,
It seems infinite the edge I can't see
Soaring waves breathlessly in awe
No doubt about You the, Almighty One!

At age twelve, I looked at the flowers,
Nothing more beautiful than rose and lilies
Faith in you extended beyond the yonder sea,
All honor you deserve I cried with glee!

At age twenty, as my heart flutter,
This love overflows as I remember
Gift of wisdom pervades the lullaby,
Thanks from the heart, my Shaddai!

Now I am older, my love still remains,
Loving others yet You're the domain
Of my being and always the first!
You are the One who quench my thirst!

all rights reserved by Cynthia Abegail

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