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Friday, August 10, 2018

Jacinta Marto: A Great Example in Portugal

Jacinta hailed from Aljustrel close to Lisbon, Portugal.  She has a brother named Francisco and a cousin named Lucia.  They were the gems of Our Lady of FATIMA.  

They prayed the Rosary daily and they have received consolation and suffering as well by God's will.  They had regular visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the highlight of which happened on the 13th of October 1918.  This is the day of the Miracle of the Sun.  "Everyone saw the sun as a huge, silver disk...Then it began to dance, spinning like a gigantic ball of fire.  Suddenly, it stopped.  It's rim became scarlet and it started dancing again.  Whirling through the sky, it scattered red flames all around..."  Andrea Philips.  Jacinta's Story (Australia Needs FATIMA), p. 37-38.

This is God's miracle granted through the powerful intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary.  Some could be skeptics, but it does not matter.  God grants miracles all the time!  Our birth is a miracle, our life is a miracle, our survival of the odds is a miracle.  To believe is sublime...

Cynthia Abegail

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