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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Head crowned with Olives: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

“Hi Mary Rose, how are you?,” asked Celie.  Mary Rose replied, “Well, my life is ups and downs, I would say not a bed of Roses 🌹How about you?  Celie answered, “I am so blessed with five children all educated and have stable and high ranking jobs.

Mary Rose was abashed and almost cried!  Sheepishly she said, “ Well, I have three children, one is established but the other one is quite depressed and the other one is sick.  Celie ranted, “You may not have prayed.  I do not believe in religion but only in the heart of a person.  Mary Rose said, “Religion is important too as long as you love God sincerely and you have a heart for the poor.”  Celie wondered,  “You pray, I was wondering you do not even have a house.”  Mary Rose humbly replied, “Maybe God has other plans for me.”  But deep inside, she felt stabbed by the knife and begun to wonder too.

She found a good answer, “ Well, material things does not really matter.  What matters is one’s relationship with God and his neighbours.”

Mary Rose left with a broken heart.  When she arrived home, she burst into tears.  She asked, “Why O God?”   Then, she came to her senses.  She utters, “What God wills be done.”

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