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Friday, September 28, 2018

The Three Pomegranates: A Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

This story is not about three apples or three oranges but about three pomegranates.  Why?  It’s because pomegranates are sweet when they are in season and quite bitter at other times.

Let us start with Van der Walf!  An intriguing lady:  she follows  all rules and regulations rigidly, but her heart is full of murk and envy.  She smiles at you with the sweetness of honey but it’s not the same when one is away.  She gather her friends like an assembly and all whispers about the others.  She looks immaculate but not in the heart.  Holier than thou art, no more efficient description!  But she is checked in her family, not all sweet and rosy because God hears the cry of the poor!

Here comes the more intense one:  M and M’s.  That is the name of a popular chocolate!  Yes, another interesting character!  She smiles at you with the venom hidden at her hypolathamus.  But do not be deceived...Another pragmatic holier than thou art character.  She joins all groups, come what may to be cool and in!  She looks demure but behind that facade is a wicked heart.  She manipulated people to their disadvantage.  She makes sure nobody will look at you with respect!  For she is the only one the townsfolk has to endear.  Watch out, she follows you in your social media and make sure all are planned to your disadvantage!  But her husband is O immaculate and full of gentleness.  Has she not learned from him?  Probably not, for her abomination is many.

Here comes the worst!  They call her Da da shim.  Why?  Coz her mouth never stops gossiping.  Beware, do not be too close.  Otherwise, she will tell everybody your slightest scent!  She is assuming to be holy with her loudest voice in enough decibels to rock the the place.  But watch out, behind the scenes.  She has a heart that is dark with shades of grey, and a heart that denounce.  Wondering what life would be without Da da shim...

(A short story to show the variety of personalities we meet around us)

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