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Monday, September 24, 2018


(We are sure, it is difficult to find great Poems in the modern literature but here is an exception.....Please read this great Poem "WHY ME ?" by our famous writer Ms.Shobhana Nair.This Poem depicts the quality and talent of a great Poetess.)New World Editorial Board


God, when the rain beats down
On every road and lane,
Why make me stand here alone
My heart filled with pain?
Life had begun normally
With a lot of ease;
When did You decide
To let the stresses increase?
My life flashes before my eyes
As I ask myself why
What did I do that was so bad
For You to make me so cry?
Weren’t less fortunate souls
Treated with care
Through my entire life
Any time, any where?
And yet,
all the insignificant memories
Of years gone by,
flood into me
Why did I not understand
That there were so many flaws to see?
Why can’t I look up at the sky
And applaud the beautiful sight
Of a universe made with love
And given to us for doing right?
I raise my eyes,
drenched with
The rain or is it my tears?
Please, God, I pray,
Will You Release me from all my fears?
I promise to treasure
This life that You gave me
Won’t You help me to utilise
All the positivity that You see?
And, one day, when You Invite me inside
Your pearly gate
Will You welcome me warmly
And take me into Your heart without hate ?
***Copy Rights solely with the author.
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