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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mary Varghese — Adult (Outstanding Poetess) with Preetha Thomas and Shobhana Nair

New World’s heart was endeared by the poems of Mary Varghese.  She has a flair for Praise poems, eg The Mountain Heights.  However, she can write too poems of earthly nature.  The poems’ rythmn is harmonious and it flows smoothly.  Congratulations Mary and we hope you will send us more poems to console our hearts.

Preetha Thomas is another Poetess to watch!  Her poems are realistic touching on man’s pains and she can also write Praise poems for God.  The rythmn of her poems are regular and straightforward but the moral lessons are intensely evident.  Congratulations, Preetha!

Shobhana Nair is a born educator and an expert in English.  She edited most parts of our late  George Kurian’s novel, Over the Hills and Down the Valleys.  Shobhana’s poem rhymes with passion and deep emotion.  As one reads her poems, it’s not surprising to be drawn to the imagery she is portraying.  Shobhana, congratulations!

Cynthia Abegail

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