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Thursday, December 27, 2018


( In many people's lives Christmas brings wonders and this is a beautiful story how a family come together and celebrates while unexpectedly receives some valuable presents from a generous Doctor.Very well written)New World
It was about a week before Christmas; Jeremiah was gazing
by the window before 6 pm. Hustle and bustle and almost
everybody in the street are carrying shopping bags full
of presents and decors with glitter. He sighed, "What a
Christmas, our season is just always a night of small fried fish,
tomatoes and anchovies. How I wish we will have a more
abundant midnight supper. "
He was teary eyed as he looked around the wooden house.
The plastered wall has cracks, the galvanised zinc roofs
has holes and the floors are almost collapsing. He quickly
rushed to his mother's bed as he heard her rapid breathing.
He said, "Mother, you have to drink your medicine right
now." Her mother, Natalia has very weak lungs and needs
regular antibiotics. It is good that their friend Dr. Reyes
donates these medicines regularly.
It was already Thursday near sunset when Jeremiah
decided to pull out the three year old green Christmas tree
carefully laid in a box. He was amused by the native trinkets
and the star, "Remember this one that was given by Leonie,
my classmate in grade four. She is just an artistic girl; I wish
she is here to help me beautify my cherished tree"
--- he spoke from his heart!
Then, his father Tonio arrived from the factory where he
worked as a casual laborer. He brought dried fish, three eggplants
and a plastic of cooking oil. He was slightly aghast because it
is already about 8:00 pm and the traditional Noche Buena
at midnight is about 4 hours to go. He whispered, "Father,
did you realise that we have to put something better on
the table tonight?" Tonio replied, "Well, I paid the electrical
bill so that at least we will have light tonight. Here is $50.00.
Buy one corned beef at Senya's store so that we will have meat
at least.
Jeremiah rushed to the store. It is good Senya's store is still open.
He bought corned beef and a kilo of rice. Senya looked at him with
compassion. Senya said, "Get these noodles and some fried chicken."
Jeremiah beamed, "Thanks so much." Ronnie, Senya's husband gave
him a 2 litre bottle of softdrinks and eggs for their breakfast the
following morning. He was very happy.
He quickly boiled rice and fried the fish, then cut the tomatoes.
Later, his two brothers arrived from a Christmas party of their
neighbor. David asked him, "What do we have for Noche Buena?"
Jeremiah replied, "Guess what, Senya gave us a tub of fried chicken
and fried noodles." David gushed, "Hmm, those are my favorites. It is
better this year!"
At about 11:30 pm, they set the table with a white table cloth that
he had washed and pressed last night. Jeremiah has artistic sense.
He put three long candles on the table, the one that the secretary of
a nearby church has donated to them a month ago.
Everybody were excited. Jeremiah carried her sickly mother to the
table when all the food were set with the old plates and almost faded
forks and spoons. Tonio, his father announced, "We are so blessed
by the Lord that all of us are complete as a family on this table. We
are remembering tonight the birth of our beloved Saviour. Jeremiah
is about to say grace when suddenly there was a knock on the door.
David opened the door and here he is, Dr. Reyes with a sack of
presents and turkey and ham!
His other brother Mark jumped with joy. Oh! I hope I get a toy
train. Dr. Reyes shouted with glee, "Not for sure!"
At last, Jeremiah said a solemn grace before meals. All of them were
laughing at Dr. Reyes' jokes. He is witty but dignified.
Tonio announced the dishwashing person for the day. He said,
"It is Jeremiah." Jeremiah clipped, "No, it's you Father!"
What a lovely family with the generous doctor! Now it is time to
open the presents. Natalia received a lacy and cotton bedsheet.
Tonio smiled when he received a mustard jacket. Jeremiah
and David got Levis pants and T-shirts.
Dr. Reyes also brought one cavan of rice and several boxes of
tinned food and dried goods. Everybody hugged the doctor that
he almost can't breathe! He jerked joyfully, "Wait, wait..."
Jeremiah looked at the sky, "As I have known and believed....
GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES! He send His messengers of love
and peace... (Republished)
All Rights Reserved By Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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