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Thursday, December 6, 2018


( The meaning of this great poem goes into our heart and our respected readers can judge how talented is this young poetess, Preetha E. Thomas. This poem is really beautiful and very meaningful. Please enjoy)

Preetha E. Thomas

Some small, Some huge;
Some memorable, Some spontaneous.
Miracles come in so many forms;
A prayer answered,
A victory gained.
A purpose realized,
A vision unveiled,
A path discovered.
A helping hand,
A kind gesture,
A memorable gift.
A healing granted,
An obstacle removed.
A struggle ended,

A doubt cleared,
A fear conquered,
A talent revealed,
A life saved.
Miracles brighten our lives
Give us hope
Erase doubts
Strengthen faith
Miracles are GODʼS way of saying He cares
Miracles happen when we least expect them
Or sometimes when we most yearn for them.
They are the result of a fervent prayer
An unwavering faith
Of persistent hope
An undying patience.
Miracles happen everyday.
They are all around us.
True miracles are not just those that change our lives,
But are those that help change the lives of others.

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