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Saturday, December 8, 2018



Whenever I see a nun during my childhood days, I could not help but sigh
a breath of admiration.  In our culture, the nun is a symbol of purity and chastity.
I remembered Sr. Cecilia whom I always bump at the corridor of St Benedict's
chapel.  She is wearing this maxi-cream linen attire as she carries a greenish
pail full of water.  She then greeted me with a very sweet, "Good morning."  I
am quite abashed and sheepishly replied, "Good morning, too Sr. Cecilia.  "What
are you up to today, " asked the petite and charming young nun.  "Sr., I am going
to the chapel to bring some fresh flowers to the Most Sacred heart of Jesus, Blessed
Mother Mary and St Joseph."  Sr Cecilia responded,"Those are crispy, reddish and pink
roses.  Where did you get them?" I replied, I cut these fresh flowers from my tended
garden in the hills of Swan Valley."  Is that where you live?  Sr Cecilia replied stunned!
"O' no, Sr.  I just live close to this area, but my dad has a farm over there.  Early in the
morning!  The Lord, Blessed Mother and St Joseph should be pleased.

After a couple of years, I was blessed to go overseas, but my memories of Sr. Cecilia, the
joyful and modest nun stayed with me.  I send her cards until we lost contact with each
other because of the hectic roles I took in my new-found oases.

In the spring of the fifth year, I was pensive in the garden of the school where I studied.
My meditation was shortened by a sweet, high-pitched voice.  She greeted me, "Hi!  I am
Sr. Lorena, a new student in the graduate school."  I replied, "Good morning Sr Lorena,
pleased to meet you."  I am a third year student in this college and I specialize in biblical
studies."  Sr. Lorena answered, "What a coincidence, I am also taking up a biblical subject
this semester.

Along the semester, Sr. Lorena always bring snacks for me every Tuesday.  I am so shy to
receive this favor, so I started to bring some fruits for her as a compliment.  Our friendship grew
and I can feel her warmth and loving nature.  I have learned that she is a nun of a brilliant caliber.
She is really intelligent, but she is very humble.  She use to ask me to edit her essay, but I promptly
and politely declined and I just say, "This is an excellent one, no need to edit Sr."

What I liked about her is her mission in her home country.  They are feeding young children of orphans and unwedded mothers.  She is soliciting aid from her friends.  I was inspired by her sincere compassion for these children.  I remembered, Sr. Cecilia, my confidante!

Sr Lorena bid me goodbye the following semester, she is going home to establish her mission.  I
resolve to do something, to help in little ways this good nun.  One day, sometime I will see her again.  She may be pleased, I have something for her, for her little children!  Joy filled my heart!  I
called her, Sr Lorena!"  She was back in town.  She replied, "What are you up to now?"  Hmm,
echoes Sr. Cecilia!

Sr Lorena, the good nun is back!  Like an eagle, her mission was accomplished...
Morale:  Goodness come in different forms, either in the consecrated and the lay.  On the other hand, the nuns and priests are consecrated to the Lord!  The lay is also consecrated to the Lord in another way.  (The unity of both is like 'oil running through Aaron's beard.) 

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