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Sunday, January 20, 2019



As you left the green verdant valleys afar,
Overwhelming sorrow gripped my heart
Tears flow amidst the swans so parched,
As water flows joyfully across the rocks.

As I sat on the grasses, I begun to write,
On the bluish paper, so clean and ripe
Drew a heart blazing red with a name,
Of my beloved with an arrow of dame!

As I touched the jasmine, I smelt a scent,
Memories linger in my mind as I bend
Have you forgotten totally the maiden?
Waiting by the river night and day...

As I stood near the tree of canopy and shade,
My heart anguished of sadness that soon rave
I hid my eyes misty with tears, alone to bear,
Covered with ebony hair, drenched of fear.

As I wrote loving sighs, yonder and dreams,
Imagined thy face, sweet yet strong of seams
I thought you care, it may not be the same,
The bluish letter, I sealed and kept by shame!

As I left the river, I now resolve then and again,
I will forget today or tomorrow or any to gain
I thought you care, but never O' never maybe,
The bluish letter, a secret for me and you only!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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