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Friday, January 11, 2019

It will pass: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

Joanne is starry-eyed!  She found the love of her life.  When she sees Raffy, she seems to over the 🌒 moon and on Cloud Nine.  Well, I could not tell whether my best friend was fed by Raffy by ambrosia.  What I can tell is that she maybe near insane with love.

“Joanne!”  I shouted because she was looking at the horizon without noticing me.  “Oh, Amy, sorry.  I seemed to be in trance with Raffy.  He is always in my mind.”  I told her, “Wake up, you know that Raffy is not for you for a reason.”  She replied, “Amy, I know but my heart beats only for him.”  I blurted, “Amy, I love you as my friend.  Be sensible, you are sinning because you treat him like an idol!”

Suddenly, Joanne seemed to wake up by what I said.  I added, “Instead of praying, you are always thinking about that guy.  Do you think he feels the same way for you?”

Then, she said,”Not really!  I think he is fascinated with that girl named Laura, hmm, fair skinned, slim and with a long hair.  I will try to lose weight, that girl will see who is more beautiful between the two of us.

Flabbergasted, I yelled, “Stop!  Did we lose men on this earth?  For crying out loud, there’s a lot of fish in the ocean.  She stubbornly answered, “But he is the salmon in my life.”  I joked, “Then get some trout, it’s nice too!   Joanne replied, “You can’t understand because you have not loved so much.”  I replied, “Yes, I have loved but I used my brains too.  Otherwise, I will get crazy with the men of this generation.”

At last, she woke up to the reality when Raffy passed by and gave her orange and peach flowers.  I told her, you see men respond by symbols!  They do not tell you outright that they do not like you or they just want to be friends.  They just give you some cues.  I beg you, Joanne, wake up!  You are getting so ugly for being obsessed with a man who does not even care.

Joanne had tears in her eyes!  Suddenly, her phone sounded as if with a message.  She showed it to me, “Ronnie asked me to have dinner with him tonight.  He is my other crush!  I told her, “There you go, say Yes right away.  You do not pass this opportunity.  I will do your hair, shower now and we will find that little black dress in your wardrobe.  Joanne said, “Oh, I like that sultry red sheer hugging dress.”  I replied, “You beauty!  I hid my smile and shrugged my shoulders,”I know it will pass:  her fascination with Raffy!  Wait, it’s too fast... These millenials fall in love too fast and fall out of love in the blink of an eye.  

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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