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Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Life is full of beginning, the time of birth, the time of baptism or the time of marriage.
On the other hand, a New Year is a time of new resolutions.  Last year was gone by,
never to be forgotten but this is just the perfect time of the year to plan great things
that has never been accomplished in the past.

One said, "I plan to be a better person". That is quite a broad goal.  Well, we could
specify, "I plan to make up with my enemy and be friends again!  Not an easy task
but possible.

Another said, "I plan to amend my ways". Another broad goal, but we can specify
like, "I plan to be more honest in my dealings with others!"

New Year --- a time of splendid fireworks which is symbolic of joy, happiness
for a coming year 2019.   Not a time to get older, but a time of new adventure,
fresh as a laden dew in the garden.  Cheers!  Happy New Year to all and may the
Lord guide us in the year ahead...

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