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Wednesday, January 2, 2019


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Why are clouds a delight to see afar?
Towers over the sky oblivion to mar
Icy water aggregate as in the nimbus
Potential rain to bless man in mews!
God has revealed, still partly hidden,
Just like the passing clouds of Danes
Impenetrable, deeply unknowable
Inscrutable, wisdom unreachable!
Who will know your mind O' Lord?
A mystery liken to the passing clouds--
Of blues and whites seems a shroud
Unknowing will remain; love inspires!
Clouds pass in our life in myriad ways,
It could be a cloud of joy in a sunny day
Or a cloud of sorrow in a grayish moon
Or a cloud of hope in the sand of dune.
Look for the rainbow beyond the clouds,
As it passed, like a prism the hues vie
Maroons and fuscia, where are they?
Primary colors dominate up the bay.
But you are also like a passing cloud,
Mysterious, an enigma O' I found--
Never would I peer in the mound
For my love are not dark clouds.
As the love I whispered to the clouds,
Are bright and sunny, shoots of rain!
Soothing and calming, a balm so sane
Something passing so long not to wane...

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

**One of the most beautiful poems, I have read. It is a real asset to
New World publication as all other features by our Cynthia. Thanks
a lot Cynthia.
George Kurian New World

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