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Friday, February 15, 2019

I Remembered the Lord: Testimony by Maria Cassia

Suddenly, I remembered the Lord!  There were many distractions in the world.  Here and there, the busyness caught me off guard.  I always offer roses 🥀 to the Lord weekly but I have neglected it.  Daily before, I have solemn conversation with the Lord, I praise Him and thank Him.  But now, I am content with those prayers which you just listen too.

As we are creatures of habit, we tend to do things that we get used too, forgetting the fact that prayer is something personal.  It should be deep, gentle and fulfilling.

Where are the days when our relationship is quite spot-on?  I yearn for you, you are the very centre of my life?

I resolve to regain our great relationship.  I like to revitalise my relationship with the Lord.  The time starts now...

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