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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Jokes only by Cynthia Abegail

Waiter:  What’s your order Mam?  Ms Cruz:  Well, the cheapest lamb steak in town.  Waiter:  There’s nothing cheap lamb Mam.  Ms Cruz:  Just give me sardines in tomato sauce please.  Waiter:  Cheap! She should have cooked at home.  😂


Clara:   Oh, I’m in love!

Gerard:  Is he in love with you?

Clara:  That’s the problem.  🤣


Juliet:  Oh my Romeo, where art thou?

Nurse:  Juliet, your Romeo is in the arms of Rose!

Juliet:  Are you sure?  Titanic has not sunk yet!

Nurse:  But your balcony has...


Jenny:  I failed Chemistry!  I am going to protest.

Teacher:  What’s the protest for?  It is a clear 30 percent and all of your subjects are failed!

Jenny:  Can you help me?

Teacher:  Sure!  I am going to enrol you in Year 12.

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