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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

“I Thought you Care”. Short Story by Maria Cassia

Reina is my favourite cousin, with ebony hair and hazel brown eyes—a stunning lady.  She has only one downturn; she loves to daydream.   She is bright but easily fall in love.

Once, she ran to me and exclaimed, “I have a new crush.  Oh, he is so adorable, with deep set eyes and light ebony skin.  I exclaimed “again!”  Oh Mary Rose, this is the real thing.”  I eerily responded, “You said that ten times already.”  She chuckled, “I met him somewhere in South Gardens, oh my love!”

Daily, she ranted about this mysterious guy, I became interested to see her crush.  The day after, she introduced to me Ronnie, that guy who loves white shirts and blue pants.  Well, at my age, I could not blame her.  He was definitely oozing with appeal.

She proceeded with her near madness and I just watched her with care.  After 2 months, she ran to me again with tears and she sobbed, “Ronnie liked another girl, a brunette lady with a husky voice.”  I consoled her and said, “You see, you will find your dream man, you just have to pray.  Ronnie may not be the one for you.”

After that, she prayed so hard that her novenas are long but sweet.  Another year passed and guess what, I received an invitation.  She is getting married after Easter.  I would be her Maid-of-honour.

Then, I pondered, I am still single, when will the right man come?  She whisphered to me, “Pray for the help of Mother Mary, you will get your man!  I pinched her coz she seems to know what I was thinking.  We laughed with gusto! 😊

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