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Thursday, March 7, 2019




Janet is a typical young lady looking for the man of her dreams.
She is not very choosy at all; these are her requirements...
First, he must be of impeccable character. Next, he must be
intelligent and creative. Third, he must be at least pleasing
to look at! Well, this may be the reason that she has not found
him yet. On the other hand, Janet is not naive at all, she does not
just rely on "Come what may." Mind you, she has devised a plan
to snare this man of unimaginable proportions.
Nevertheless, we can't blame Janet for her savvy likes. She is
a well-educated girl, a little bit good looking and of sweet voice!
And the plan unveiled... She said, "Must I advertise? Not really,
I am not that desperate! I know now, I must attend social
parties as much as I could...
The first party ensues and he met this enchanting gentleman whose
name is Lawrence. He is not really bad but when they had a chat
after the dance, guess what who is the centre of his stories...
His mother, all the time! He did not even ask Janet where she
lives or got her mobile and so on... She said, "Scratched!"
She met Rommel, a computer whiz in the next party. He is the
like a boy next door, witty yet he has this weird voice... somewhat
creepy that you think you're in a horror show if you're speaking with
him. She thought, Deleted!"
In the third socials, she met Harry. He is an accountant in the city
firm. He's not too bad but he always spoke about money to the point
that she got so bored after a quarter of an hour. She said, "To my
junk mail!"
After ten parties, she got bogged down. Her hemoglobin count dropped
and she almost landed into the hospital. The next plan is to ask the help
of her friends; it's just like you know, "Phone a friend in 'Millionaire's Quiz
programme." The worst thing is: her friends are mostly introverts and
they do not have large families. Not much hope in this plan!
And the third plan arrives! I will go to internet and may find my Romeo
there! At last, he met this guy whose name is Benjamin from Switzerland.
They wrote each other, exchange pictures and later, she developed feelings
for this man. He seems to fulfill her strange requirements after a year
of searching. Her mother was adamant because you'll never know
what will he be like in real person, isn't it?
The man was really serious about her and invited her to go to Switzerland
just for a holiday. She said, "I really can't go there without my mother."
There they go! Benjamin provided them tickets to go to the Swiss capital.
By the airport, Janet was so excited, but nervous. Suddenly a suave man
wearing an olive long polo and black pants approached her and her mother.
She uttered, "It must be you!" Benjamin replied, "Certainly, I am! You
just look more beautiful in person." Janet giggling, "Thanks so much!"
Janet had her most unforgettable holiday in her life with the man of her
dreams, of good character, bright and good looking, too. It was really cold
out there in the Alps but she felt warm and was ecstatic all the time.
She said to herself, "It does no harm if you really try hard and pray much!"
Benjamin proposed and they have been engaged for a year. During
that time, her love has been so loving and caring. They got
married in Janet's hometown and she could not have been much happier!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(A nice short story
A must read one)
New World

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