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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Jane Pimenta: Writer of the Year for 2018 (Month Anniversary of New World---June 2018

Jane Pimenta:  Writer of the Year 2018

I am married, with two children and four grandchildren.  In 2001, one afternoon, while at a retreat at Potta,  I felt the Lord asked me to give his Word on email  (A few years earlier I studied the Word at Gregorian Seminary).  That night in the Potta chapel, the Lord gave me the message on Isaiah 49:6.  The second part of that verse captured my attention but I could not comprehend it... finally, I ignored those words thinking it was not for me...

With the prompting of the Holy Spirit, on August 21st 2001, I phoned 7 people and asked them if I may send them the Word of God on email.  They all agreed...they liked what I sent.  They sent my reflections to their contacts.  Then, more people's emails were given to me and they willingly forwarded my messages.   I have not had a break in this ministry from the day I started.

As emails  from  UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Gulf Countries, Australia, cities in India began to come to me in appreciation I suddenly thought of the Lord's Word in Is 49:6 "A light to the nations."  God's Word was reaching many people of different countries and they were beginning to read the bible and pray...

As of today, I am actively involved in my church.   I teach the Bible every Thursday and I am also a part of the Women's Cell Group.  The Holy Spirit guided me along the way and I am happy that I answered the Lord, "Here I am, a handmaid of the Lord."

(Jane Pimenta is a true servant of the Lord.  The message of the Holy Spirit is evident in her reflections.  Thank you Jane for obeying the Lord and playing a great role in evangelisation!  Excellent).  Cynthia Abegail, Acting Editor for New World)

Editor in Chief:  Arianna Rose Kurian-Philip

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