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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

One Family Under Heaven: Book Review by D Babu Paul


( Once Again we are publishing Dr.Babu Paul's Famous Book Review)
(We are very happy and honoured for the consent given by Mr.D Babu Paul,the famous writer ,Scholar and author. He was a District Collector and a top Administrator in the Government of Kerala State, India. The esteemed book review of ONE FAMILY UNDER HEAVEN by Mr. Babu Paul has become very famous. For "New World" to publish the Book Review, the consent was obtained by Respected.Chev.Thomas Daniel , Moderator of SOCM-FORUM, Yahoo Group and we have been so much indebted to Chev. Thomas Daniel and the SOCM FORUM in the past and all the time. As you all know of our publication that we are having a great goal of achieving Peace,Love and Unity among all the people in the World. We also know that the effort should start in our families, then in our religions, associations and Organizations. This is a great scholarly review by Mr. Babu Paul of the famous book by Rev.Joseph Daniel. It has many great messages . After all we are humble servants of God Almighty. George Kurian for "New World"
A Book Review - One Family under Heaven: A Response to Paradigm Shifts in Ecumenism
by D Babu Paul

ONE FAMILY UNDER HEAVEN: A Response to Paradigm Shifts in EcumenismBy Joseph DanielISPCK 2008Pages 123, Price Rs. 135/=Although Ecumenism is commonly understood as the effort of the various Christian denominations to find a common platform to define essential Christian unity the scope of the concept goes far beyond a mere interdenominational effort to define meeting points. In its development the concept first grew to encompass all religions and emerge as an effort to promote inter religious understanding. With the wide acceptance of the concept of the ‘integrity of creation’ Ecumenism also got redefined as a biocentric effort. It could no longer be a mere anthropocentric endeavour. Thus Ecumenism which began as an interdenominational Christian effort has attained cosmic dimensions, in his book “ONE FAMILY UNDER HEAVEN”

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