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Sunday, March 31, 2019


You press the car alarm to lock the car, too late, you forgot the car keys inside.

Once, you were frying your husband's favorite sunny side up, the phone rang... it was your best friend and you talk and talk. Then smoke--- he had toasted eggs for breakfast!

Then, you have to renew your passport, you travelled 20 kilometers to the Post office. Guess what, you forgot your driver's licence and Medicare card for identity purposes!

You rang Betty that you have a wonderful gift for her on her birthday tomorrow. After a week, you remembered that there was a party about a week ago...

You were rushing for work and you're almost late! Oops.. 8:30 sharp--- Good morning Boss! He looked at you with dismay!

At teatime, you went to the comfort room to freshen up! Oh no!, your top was inverted inside out!

At midday, you bought KFC. Alright, no cars behind... you reversed really quick... then "Bang." What's that? Oh! you forgot to look at the left!

 At night, you are already exhausted, so you bought hamburgers just for a change and to skip cooking only this time. Your son asked you, "What's for dinner Mum?" Then you brought the food out! Oh, Mum... how could you? It's "Good Friday!"

 Time to sleep now, you put on your pyjamas and suddenly, you heard knock on the door at 8:00 pm. "Goodness me, I am already sleepy!" Then you accidentally look at the calendar, "Oh! no, the Smith's are coming for dinner!"

 "I would not say that she is mentally handicapped; just having a burntout!" Cheers Cynthia Abegail

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