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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Hosanna, hosanna: Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

There was a great celebration as the Lord Jesus enters Jerusalem.  Instead of riding in a chariot, the Lord rides on a donkey.  What a great humility!  The King of Kings riding on a young colt, full of innocence.

A great lesson for us all.  Jesus was born on a manger surrounded by poor shepherds, now entering a place where He will be crucified later in Golgotha.  Let us reflect on or pride and ego when we sometimes put ourselves in the centre.  The Lord teaches us humility and love.

We must be filled with awe as we wave our palms!  We must journey with Jesus not in words but in deeds.  This is not only remembering but a moment of the present time.  God is in our midst not only in that joyful entry into Jerusalem but even now.  Let us welcome the kingship of Lord Jesus in our lives.  Come, let us leave our fascination for the worldly things especially this Holy Week.

Wondering why palms was the thing used this Palm Sunday?  Palms in the tree are watery, not dry.  It is an invitation for ourselves to be a humid and succulent ground that the Word of God may grow and thrive.  It’s so fruitful in due season; it’s an invitation for us to bear fruits, to be the beacon of Christ!  The colour of palms are green.  Green colour is a symbol of life.  Come, let us follow the Lord and have the fullness of life.  Without God, we will be barren and without direction.

Let us shout to the world, Jesus is the answer, our yearning and our hope.  With strong hearts, let us bear in mind the words of the Lord, “Be not afraid.”

God bless us all!  In the most Holy Name of Jesus.  Amen.

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