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Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Waited and God Answered!

Problems are normal part of our lives.  Day to day, it will be rare that one does not encounter a problem.  Gladly, there is always a solution to any problem.

It is an enigma of life.  One day, your heart is full of joy; maybe one has graduated with high honours.  Suddenly, a tragedy struck!  Maybe, one has a very rosy relationship with someone. Out of the blue, he or she may have changed and cooled off like an iceberg in Antarctica.  Well, then the lady may have been so sad and shed her tears for the man she has loved so much.

Maybe, one has a child so bright and bubbly, then tragedy strikes again!  He got depressed and you have no idea why this has happened.  Life O’ life, why is it difficult at times?

No worries!  Cheer up, it’s not the end of the world yet.  You may just be focusing on the negatives.  How about the days when it’s your birthday and heaps of people greeted you online?  Seems cards are outdated a bit.  How about the times when you have lunch dates with your friends and you have laughed at the top of your voice.

No matter what you are going through, just wait on God’s answer.  It may take months or years but I am confident that God answers our prayers.  It may not be in a way we expect but it will still be perfect.  Why do we have to wait?  God is God!  We can’t apply programming here my friend.  It’s because God knows everything!  We may not understand but still He knows every strand of your hair and He loves us.

God is merciful!  He has waited for us to return to Him by repenting of our sins.  Over and over, year after year, we seem to do the same sin again.  Let us wake up and be serious about where we are going to go after earthly life.  

I waited for years, cried and cried, begged and begged!  But God answered.  I am not surprised at all because I am anticipating an answer.  

Oh God, please teach us to be patient, to focus on your Glory with awe and wonder.  Thou own everything.  We hope on Thee, we trust Thee and we love Thee.   In Jesus Name, Amen.

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