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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

It was just a fascination: Short Story by Maria Cassia

Mary Lily Rose and Carlo’s eyes locked again.  My dear friend’s heart palpitate again and her hands became so cold.  Well, I guess she was in love but I was wary because she’s already engaged with June!  Mary Lily Rose confessed to me that Carlo had captivated her heart.  I warned her, “No, no no: You know you are engaged with June!”  Mary Lily replied, “I know but the other one is so attractive.”   I told her, “ Please use your mind, Mary.  You are engaged already for three years.”

After three months, Mary came running to me.  She was distraught because she found out that Carlo is very cozy with that lady who is tall and charming.  I consoled her and told her,”Why not just be friends with Carlo?”  Deep in my mind I know this man has a penchant for pretty women and I know Mary will just cry later.  My vision came true!

Then, one day, I saw Mary seems meditating on something.  “Hi Mary!  What’s up?”  Mary has a lit on her eyes.  She gushed, “June gave me these crispy red roses, I am so happy!”How’s Carlo?  She replied, “Oh never mind, it was just a fascination!  June is my true love.”

I smiled and I remembered, I prayed for her to be enlightened.  Thanks to God for answering my prayer.  June is a great gentleman and I know that they seem to be meant for each other!  It was just a fascination but sometimes crushes hit hard!  It was like an avalanche, so far so good now...

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