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Tuesday, April 30, 2019





By Arianna Philip         all rights reserved     

Shamrocks are green.

Shamrocks are smooth.

Shamrocks love me and I love them too!


forwarded by Anisha Kurian-Philip, Ph.D.

(Arianna Philip is the brilliant daughter of Anisha Kurian-Philip, Ph.D

and Mr. S. Philip and the grandaughter of our superb novelist of

Over the Hills and Down the Valleys (available at,

George Kurian. As such, Arianna seems to have the talent in poetry

and short story writing.

Arianna continues to delight us with her poems.  Arianna --- a young poetess 

who will carve her own name in the annals of literature.  Congratulations

Arianna!)  New World.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!



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