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Thursday, April 4, 2019


Semester 1 starts again and as usual, Jessamine looks like a 
victim of a war-torn country.  With rollers on her hair and with
jersey-pyjamas, she rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower.
Why not, it is winter on that side of the world and she would like
to go back to bed.  Although she could not afford it, it is the 
first day of school.

With her new notebooks, usually coloured burgundy, I do not
know why she fancy that colour.  With eyes still half-open,
she manage to cool off by the bench in the university grounds.
She was only 30 seconds seated when this nerd-looking guy
approached her.  "O' Jessamine, good to see you here!"  Jess
replied with annoyance, "Do I know you?"  Craig smiled and
said, "Well, you may not know me but I know you, your name
is all over the bulletin board."  Jessamine smiled because she is
campaigning to be a dux!  She has to be sweet to everybody.
Craig said, "I did not realize how pretty you are at close-up."
Jessamine curtly replied, "Well, I do not like to be known for
beauty but for intelligence."  Craig replied, "No argument!"
I am impressed...

In the afternoon, Jessamine bumped with Craig again.  Jess
blurted, "What a coincidence, you are always where I am."
Craig boldly replied, it is not a coincidence, I am looking for you!"
"Why?, said Jessamine.  "Well, I have 2 tickets for a concert this
weekend, hope I could invite you"  Craig replied.  O' that is a 100 dollar
ticket, so expensive.  Craig, Yes, so that you will not refuse.  Jessica
replied, "And if I do?"  Craig said, "I will have to invite Reisha!"
Jessamine does not like Reisha so much because she is arrogant."
Jessica said, Fine!"

At the concert, Craig is all smiles.  His date is the most beautiful lady
in the campus.  What more, she is so smart.  Jessica is wearing a red
with blue flowers chiffon and how lovely she is!
The concert was a sell-out.  It is a lovely night with all the fantastic
music and Jessica is just so happy. The memory will linger...

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