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Friday, May 3, 2019


POEM: DREAMERS BY JOSE PINTO STEPHEN, RIP  We read some excellent Poems from time to time. New World has published the best poems from very talented Poets and Poetesses. Now we have another Poet and an artist Jose Pinto Stephen who is talented in different fields of literature and Photography,especially in Videography. Our readers will be able to see not only Poems but many quality Videos from Jose Pinto Stephen.)
New World
No! Please go away
I can't kiss you good-bye
I scare the reality
I love the fantasy
Reality is hard to take
Dreams are easy to make
I already gave you farewell
In reality I will miss you very much
But in my dreams you will always stay
I wish you all the best that God can give
Go away with a smiling face
Don't ever look back and cry
Your career, happiness and achievements
Think about it and smile

I know you don't hate me
You love me as I love you
In reality you have to act differently
I guess in your dreams you are different too

Jose Pinto Stephen
Copyright ©2009 Jose Pinto Stephen

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