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Monday, June 17, 2019

SPENCER'S STORY PART-111 ---George Kurian (RIP)



( We are sure that you have read Part I & Part II of "The Adventures Of Mr. Spencer, The Cat:"Three Days Under The Bush"If you have missed it please click the 'OLDER POSTS' at the end of each page to go back to read the missing ones.Hope you have enjoyed it. Here is the Part III and the story concludes with a great message)New World.


When I got inside the bush, very soon I smelled out the hiding place of the rat family behind your garage and under the Mulberry tree. The rats were clever and they did not want to come out. I decided to wait. That is why, when you, my parents and neighbors tried to find me you all failed. When you all called me ‘Spencer, Spencer . . . Meow . . .Meow’ I did not respond.
Surely, I did not want to fail my mission of catching and destroying the rat family.”
“It was comfortable outside and the cool breeze with the sweet smell of flowers was so soothing. I slept on the grass. When I woke up I saw all of you having dinner in the dining room. Grandma’s beef curry must be so delicious, I thought. I was even tempted to return. Then I heard the rats trying to come out of the hole but their mother stopped them. I knew besides the mother rat, there were three young ones.

Mother called each of them by name and stopped them by warning that the cat outside would eat them up. I was proud of my mission.
They must be hungry, I thought.
Finally the rats could not resist their hunger anymore.
The mother rat came out first. I leaped upon her, and I took her by the throat. She cried and begged me to spare her children. I said, ‘No . . . no . . .!’
All of a sudden, something happened. The rat children surrounded me and started to beg me to spare their mother. They told me that they did not have a father and if their mother were killed, they would become homeless and face a harsh life!!
Suddenly, a thought came to my mind. I was homeless once - I really had a harsh life and it’s not fair to make others face my same fate.
Finally, I knew I found the hard truth of life. I spared all of them.
They were so happy and danced with joy. They agreed not to come inside our house but would eat from the garbage can outside.”
“I wanted to return home, but knew it was night time and you were all sleeping. I had forgotten to hide a key, so I decided to wait. Then I saw our good neighbor walking her dog, and I appeared before her. She was happy to call you and safely return me into your hands.”
“Even though I was tired, I was so excited with the love you all showed me. I felt that I was the luckiest cat in the whole world, because no other cat could get so much love. I promised myself and all of you I would not to go outside alone again leaving you anguished.”
“Since I know we have a truce with the rat family I do not have to burden myself by watching guard anymore.”
“Oh Spencer that is a great lesson you learned. A moral, we could all learn from,” I said.
“Thank you Grandpa for your love and patience and for listening to my adventurous story of three days under the bush.

Oh . . . Oh . . . This is snack time. Please give me a couple of snacks more, Grandpa!!! My Grandpa !!!!
(We have a great moral to learn. If the cat and rat are the lifetime enemies who can make a truce to live and let to live.... why can't us, the super intelligent species can't make peace with one another
among COUNTRIES ! AMONG FAMILIES !! AMONG CHURCHES !!!AMONG ASSOCIATIONS!!!! After all.... who are we....we are the humblest creation of GOD ALMIGHTY.! DON'T YOU AGREE ?
(All rights of the story are reserved by the author )
(Thanks to George Kurian, Chief Editor of New World for this great story with morale.
George has a gift of creative imagination and superb handling of stories with lessons to learn for daily living.    Moreover, George is an advocate of peace in humanity and most of all
has great faith in God Almighty.  Brilliant story).  New World

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