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Friday, August 2, 2019


Adventures of Mr. Spencer, the Cat
The Block Party (Part 11)
Spencer and McDuff could not bear the sight anymore. They opened the door and ran into the garden.Seeing them coming, the squirrel , the intruder ran away and climbed on the cherry tree. Then he jumped to another tree and then to another and escaped.

But Spencer and McDuff were clever enough to understand that the squirrel who had damaged the vegetables will return to the same place. The fruit trees were also an attraction for this guy, they thought.

So Spencer and McDuff did not want to give up so easily.

Somehow they wanted to catch the Squirrel.

They thought and thought. Finally they devised a very good plan

Spencer remembered how his grandma had put the trap to catch the rat .Of course unfortunately Spencer was the victim !!

So they wanted the same trap. They wanted the same glue.

The plan should be executed in a different way, they decided. That was the only way to catch the Squirrel, they thought.

So they dug a big hole at the entrance of the garden . Inside the hole they set up a mousetrap and also put some glue on it. Then they covered the hole with some leaves. They were sure that the Squirrel will not know that there was a hole under the leaves.

After the work was done , both Spencer and Mc Duff slept in the afternoon.

After that McDuff went to his house and Spencer took more rest inside his house.

Both grand parents were late in returning home that day and there was no opportunity for Spencer or McDuff to discuss with them what had happened.

Next day morning, after their grand parents left for work, Spencer and McDuff met under the cherry tree. They went and examined the vegetable gardens.

(Will continue in part3)
(Thanks to George Kurian for this story about  Mr. Spencer, the Cat and McDuff's investigation. The flow of the story is filled with upturns and flexibility.  The animals seem to be speaking in human voices!  Just brilliant.  Our valued readers, please watch for Part 111).

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