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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

“Thy Kingdom Come”. Reflection by Cynthia Abegail (Series 4)

This is a great anticipation!  However, the Kingdom of God is in the past, the present and the future.   As God has the full sovereignty, He alone holds everything.   There are no false gods  for “There is no other.”

Now, we are looking forward to the fullness of the Kingdom as God has planned.  It’s like a pregnant woman with all the pains but full of joy upon giving birth.  At present, there’s some struggle because God has given all men free will, one of his greatest gifts.  We have a choice, to worship Him or to reject Him.  But why will we not love the One who has created us in the first place!  Are we going to be ingrate to God who nurtures, protect and carry us through it all?

Let us be a part of preparing for His coming!  Let us rejoice for the Kingdom of God is at hand.  Yes, the journey may not be easy, but our cooperation is worth it.  All are welcome, though we must wear the right and white garments of righteousness.  Of course, Holiness is mandated!  For nobody with stains could enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Though we maybe sinners, there is always a way.  Let us repent and God will forgive us.  Thus, we will wear the appropriate garments for the Kingdom.  God is holy, so His children must also be holy...

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