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Monday, September 9, 2019

“Forgive us our trespasses” Reflection by Cynthia Abegail

“All fall short of the glory of God”.  We all err, make mistakes and sin.  The human nature is weak and  carnal.  This is the reason that we all need the forgiveness of an ever Holy, Transcendent and Loving God.  As attested by St Paul, he tried to do the right thing but he is drawn to sinful ways.

We are inherently weak and sinful without God.  It is easy to be attracted to worldly ways of lust, vanity, greed, pride and other works of the flesh.  We need the help of heavenly intercessors:  The angels and saints to make us closer to God, to avoid sin and to seek the godly ways.

At the end of the day, we will realise that God forgives us endless times.  God’s mercy is incomprehensible!  If we sin and we think that’s unforgivable, we are definitely wrong.  Go back to God, it is not yet late.  God is waiting for us to amend our ways.  God does not impose but He invites us!

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