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Friday, September 20, 2019

GEORGE KURIAN (RIP) --- Lover of Art and Literature

The late George Kurian --- our beloved former Editor-in-Chief had a passion for Art and Literature.  He loved the art work of his friends Abraham G, Neetha Thomas, Anjana Jose and many more.  It is also a great feat to gather his finest poets Mary Varghese, Neetha and Preeta Thomas, Jose Pinto Stephen (RIP) Dr J Kunjappu, Abraham G, Shobhana Nair, his grandchildren, Arianna and Jayan Philip, Mercy ABRAHAM and the like.

Our technical director, Abby Philip is of outstanding help with all technical problems and for pictures needed by New World.  Abbey, thanks very much.  Abraham G also did most postings in the past.  He is meticulous and outstanding in his editing and posting!  Thanks Abraham G.

Former Associate Editors Sr ELSIE Baby, the golden writer of New World, Thomas Philip Ranni, the brilliant writer, Thomas Koovallor, the popular one complete the list!  On the other hand, we must not neglect our humorists as Zoorjee, Cherian Varghese, John Chandy and many more.

Our Jane Pimenta who writes beautiful reflections for God Almighty is commendable, too.  Even Anisha has great contributions to New World.

George had been a multi-faceted editor who supported all of his writers!  He had a flair for equality, thus sometimes you will see your post at the top.  When I have at times, my poem at the top, my heart was full of delight.  That's how George led us in the past, compassionate, caring and without prejudice.

Thanks God Almighty for George Kurian (RIP), who left a legacy in the world:  his great love for Thee, for his family and writers.

Cynthia Abegail

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