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Friday, September 20, 2019


CYNTHIA ABEGAIL'S COLUMN Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

Joke Corner
A lady developed a crush on her penpal. The man wrote, "I could not wait for us to see each other. I look at your picture everyday and I know you are the woman of my dreams." Now is the time for us to see each other."
They plan to meet at Taverner's Cafe about 10 km from each other.Lyn has about a month to prepare herself.
She got a quick nose job, fixed her eyelids and had collagen on her lips. Since she is a bit chubby, she exercised day and night to get slimmer. She had also several hair extensions! She said to herself, " What a fix for my loved one!"
On the day of her meeting, she waited and waited for about an hour and she saw nothing of Matthew. Furious, she asked a nearby bystander if he saw the man in this picture.
Man: Oh! I did'nt even recognise you, Lyn!
Lyn: Are you Matthew?
Man: Certainly... Lyn: I did not recognise you either... (Matthew also had a fix)...
(A great Joke Cynthia)New World
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