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Friday, September 27, 2019

On the Train (Part 2): Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

Adventure of Tara

“My holiday is not yet over and I am truly enjoying my stint at the trains.  In the West, men generally do not give seats to women.  Once, I boarded the train at peak hour in the morning.  I am ready to stand and hold the rails.  It’s so funny because one will surely sway back and forth as the train moves forward, then stops.  Now, a student about the age of 20 stood up and offered a seat for me.  Oh, chivalry is not gone yet, thanks.

When the train stops to its destination in the city, many people are already waiting outside.  It’s good that they are so polite to wait for all to embark.

How I enjoy escalators, it made our lives easy.  How I love the movement of the crowd.  All are so focused and goal oriented.  This is what’s good in the West!  Whether one is wearing thongs or sandals or boots in the heat of summer, nobody cares.  What is important is you are not standing on their way.  I see many teenagers wearing backless blouses and shorts that almost show their buttocks, nobody cares.  Look at their eyelashes; Cleopatra will be ashamed.  Their lashes are so ebony, curled and long.  Their brows are well made, with the suitable arch and eyebrow liner.  Their complexion are fair and smooth, thanks to waxing technology.

I was stunned by how much time they put on to look that good. The girls look trendy and the boys are oozing with appeal, too.  Then, I remembered my college days when I also wear mini-mini skirt, my hair was immaculate and my skin was like dewy lemon.  Ah, those were the good old days!

Yes, it comes into my mind that beauty is vain and it will pass.  So folks, when you are young, relish it because it will surely pass and what’s life are one’s virtues which last forever.

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