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Saturday, September 28, 2019

On the Train: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail (Part 1)

Tara decided to go on holiday and travel by train for a week.  To her amazement, this venture proved to be exciting, not tiring.  “I love to experience this new mode, I always drive my car most of the days of the year, unless it breaks down sometimes.

Tara thought, “ I like running when the train is about to go in one minute.  I just enjoy 😊 this adrenalin rush.  It’s good my blood pressure is down now.  I shop for the seat near the window so that I could see the view of the trees and buildings.  One thing I notice is that the train where I am seems to move when the adjacent train moves.  Ah!  Physics, theory of relativity?  Anyway, I like to list my observations about people.”

She is not a psychologist but has a keen insight.  Tara gushes, “I looked at these teenagers. They are so pretty, mostly blondes and brunettes and a few dark-haired ones.  I do not know whether they have a predisposition to show off but they wear teeny-weeny shorts that my grandmother will scold me if I wear them.  Their backs are bare and the blouses had just strings.  I must admit, they are a sight to behold.  They are stunning, I just do not know about the brains... “

Tara is already in her forties.  She told me, “I am already aging gracefully.  Beauty is passing, but virtues last.”  Then, she change the topic.  She noted, “Well, most of the men are working so they wear suits.  I like those men who are so formal but do not get me wrong.  I also like to look at those with blue collar jobs in the manufacturing industry.”

It’s only her first day on the train.  She will tell me more next time.  Folks, watch out for six more series.  Just like Tara, I am sure you enjoy travelling by 🚂 .


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