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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


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Life is not all calm, that's a bare fact! If it is always
cool and breezy, life may not be as exciting as can be.
If you want to live your life to the full, brace yourself
for the wild storm because it is surely coming maybe
not now but tomorrow or the next day.

Just in our ordinary lives, once you meet people that
are cool and calm most of the time. Suddenly, you
were surprised that they may have just lost their
their temperance. That's understandable, for life
is an enigma. Once, our atmosphere is like a cloud
smiling with a nice whim. Suddenly, it's not cumulus
anymore! What? Cumulo-nimbus---no wonder.

It's so dark, with thunder and lightning. Well, it may only
be a mild storm coming. Brace yourself for the wild storm.
If not, we may be carried away by our passion--- of not
waiting for the Lord's answer.

How will we prepare for the wild storm. Once, I was
taken aback, quite sad because I was not prepared that
time. These are some helpful tips to weather the storms
in our life: First, calm down and pray to the Lord. Oh,
remember St. Peter when he tried to walk on the water,
he lost focus on the Lord and he sank! In the same way,
do not lose focus---just adore and worship our Creator,
that's it. Second, always read the Bible, for there are many
lessons there to learn. It is also the sword of the Holy Spirit.
When the Lord speaks, that's it---no questions! Third,
practice a compassionate heart, put yourself in the shoes of
the other. Fourth, love one another---if there is no love,
we fly off the handle. More soon...
Maria Cassia

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