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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

“Where are you?” Thus says God the Father

When Adam and Eve hid after they realised that they have offended God, God said, “Where are you?”  in the Book of Genesis.  So wherever we are, God calls.  If we are in the mire of sin, God calls.  If we are lost in despair, God calls.  If we forgot about God, He still calls.

God’s love for us is beyond description.  It is unconditional until the time He has set!  As long as we are living, even though we are straying from His path, He never abandon us.  Realising the great love of God for us, it is very inviting and attractive to us.  In this sense, we would not like to offend God who never forsakes us.

Thank you God Almighty for your love, for your care, for everything.  Loving you is not enough; we have to obey you as a proof of our love.  Help us O’ God to follow you and protect all of us and our families from danger and from our enemies.  Please send your mighty Archangels and Angels to guide, protect and lead us to your Divine Majesty.  All of this we pray in the Name of your Son Jesus Christ.

Mother Mary, St Joseph and all of the Saints, pray for us.  🙏 Amen.

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