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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Abraham G (Artist of the Decade, Painting, New World)

Abraham G  “Artist of the Decade, Painting—New World”

An icon of New World, Abraham G deserves commendation not only as an artist, though, art is his greatest potential.  A brilliant man, so humble just like George (when he was alive).  As we can see, Abraham’s hand drew great paintings.  His type of art is not only symbolic but carries a practical and realistic view.  

Our Abraham G posted in new World for a number of years till he retired from New World when I assumed full posting in behalf of Arianna Kurian-Philip —the Editor- in-Chief of New World.

Abraham G also helped with the art cover of our late George Kurian’s book, Over the Hills and Down the Valleys, a book about the marginalised Nagas on the border of India.

Abraham G, congratulations for your excellent work in New World.  A well rounded person who can write humour, short stories and the like—thanks for your presence in New World which ushers its golden age!

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