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Saturday, November 16, 2019



Life came to a point that I have to juggle my new job as well as being a caring mother and a wife at the same time.  The demands of the new job meant that Aiko has to have a temporary boarding in my son's house.

Tears rolled from my eyes but I promise to visit Aiko about five times a week.  The separation seems unbearable but I have to be sensible to be able to cope with the new demands in my life.  She is important to me but sometimes one has to sacrifice for a goal.  At the same time, my duties for God has to be a priority at this time.

I promise her that we will be together again after about six months.  She felt the pain without me, I can feel by the way she pout whenever we meet.  I hugged her so tenderly and I whisphered that I love her!  She seems to say, "Enough is enough, I like you to get me now.  This is the most painful six months that I had.  Now, I am getting excited because this is already the sixth month and I am already getting her in about 7 weeks.

I can feel the reverberating joy in my heart!  This must never happen again.  Yes, her eyes is twinkling now because she feels that we will be together again for good.

Yes folks, I will be a pet attendant again.  I am reviewing the position description and this time, I am more serious.  I will prepare her cosy bed, her warm meals again.  We will walk the park as never before.

Aiko will never miss me again.  Yes folks, I am on a learning pathway about the psychology of pets.  I am never giving up.  In fact, the Masters degree has to wait, my pet needs tender loving care.  Thanks to the Lord for giving us pets, a great delight and company!

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