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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


It was raining hard again as Diana with her
immaculate navy blue uniform with stripes, run
to her house at the back of a school. She was
so frantic to escape the outpouring rain
that he bumped into a man, probably in his early
twenties, who seemed not to mind the gushing
water on his face.

"Oh! sorry", Diana exclaimed as she wonder why
this man came from the first floor of their house.
Janice lives there with her 6 ft 2'' husband. They
are renting from Diana's parents for about three
years already.

Anyway, she could remember that this man looks
like Paul Mccartney. She thought, "Of all people,
he looks like my favorite singer from the Beatles."
Diana is only sixteen years old; she raves over
Paul, Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Burt Reynolds. Just a
typical teenager of the past olden days!

She asked with so much enthusiasm, "Mum, who
is that man who seems to come from downstairs
where Janice lives? Her mother replied, "Well,
he is Joseph, the brother of Jerry. He just arrived
from the province; I think he is going to work here
in the city. Why do you ask? Diana replied, "I
bumped into him while running in the rain. Ammie,
her mum satisfied with her answer hums, "Hmmm!"
She was scrubbing the pots and pans at the side yard
when Joseph arrived from the store. Joseph noticing her
said, "Hi, are you Diana? I have heard so much about you
from Janice. Diana looked at him intently and replied,
"Oh! Hi! I am Diana. But what did Janice told about me,
if you don't mind? Joseph answered, "Well, she said how
bright you are, running for second honors in your school.

Diana sleepishly answered, "I just try my best because
I would like to make Dad and Mum happy." Joseph
responded keenly, "I did not realise you are very pretty,
too." Diana flattered with giggling, "Oh, you haven't seen
yet my three sisters who are more beautiful than me."

That night, Diana seems not to be able to sleep even if mosquitos
are not really around. She seems to see the face of Joseph when
she closed her eyes. Diana mused, "Oh! dear, what am I feeling,
it seems the world is technicoloured and I just like to see Joseph
again! She seems to pull the night like with a rope so it will be
the next day again.

On the other hand, Joseph started to put on cologne and wears
his best shirt and trousers to go to work. Janice said, "What's up,
Jos... you're not wearing your ragged jeans today, are you attending
a party after work?" Joseph replied, "No! I am just in the mood for
a change. Janice looked by the window and there you are! Diana
had her most beautiful ponytail with big ribbons, her lips with pink
lipstick and her skirt seems to be shorter this time! Janice says,
"Hmm, something saucy happening." Joseph pat her arms, (laughing).
One day, Diana was washing the clothes by hand and she was getting
quite tired. Then, footsteps... She thought, "That's Joseph!" Her
skin became pale, her lips dried up and her heart seemed to race
like a car! Diana panicked, "What am I going to say?" Then Joseph
broke the ice, "Hi Diana, you are a good daughter, really!" Diana,
after regaining courage said, "Thanks! How have you been?"

"Well, I just got a promotion from work and I am very happy."
Diana replied, "Congratulations!" Then, Joseph said, "I am having a holiday
in Bulac, would you like to come with us, Janice and Nato?" Diana
said, " I'll ask Dad!

Diana spoke with her Dad and asked if she could go for a weekend with
Joseph and his family in Bulac. Her Dad knows how he care for Joseph.
When Dad said, "No!," she almost felt she's dying! "But Dad, she pleaded...
Her Dad knows that if she allow her, she may be due for marriage to this man
because they are infatuated with each other. Her Dad, full of wisdom knows
the consequences, she will stop her studies; she will lose the future he dreams
for her.
Diana cried the whole night, "How Dad could not understand, I like to be with
him!" She did no speak with her Dad for a week. Later, Joseph did not return.
Her Dad was right; if he allowed her to go with them, she should have eloped
with him. She is only sixteen, very immature and not yet ready for an immense responsibility.

After another four years, Diana graduated with a Bachelor's degree and with flying honours. Later, she received numerous awards also at her workplace.
She married after another seven years and was blessed with children.
Diana pondered all of this in her heart, "Joseph was my puppy love, a part of my life." Those memories will live with me ...
Moral: All things work for good for those who love and trust God. Sometimes,
we do not see the big picture; it just unravel at the right time.
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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