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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Have mercy on us and on the whole world

As we meditate on Divine Mercy Chaplet, we will observe this prayer:  “Have mercy on us and on the whole world.”  It’s not just have mercy on me!  This is a selfless prayer.

We pray not only for ourselves but for the whole world.  As the world is at the loose grip of worldliness and sin, we beg the Almighty Father for an abundance of mercy.  Prayer is an act of humility to God.  It is an acknowledgment that without His mercy, we can do nothing.  

It’s not a race for oneself and forgetting others.  It is a race to heaven with others. Together hand in hand, we beg without false humility, without hypocrisy but with contrite hearts and strong will to ascend in joy in prayer.

I remembered how spiritual groups will compete on how they appeal to the Father.  I thought that it’s not a matter of competition but solidarity; helping the weak and uplifting those who are marginalised.  Selfishness is not the name of the game but sincere love for God and for one another.  When pride sets in, failure to please the Almighty Father follows!  Pride is a root of evil, it must be eradicated from our lives.  Amen.

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