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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Outstanding Humourists — Zoorjee and Cherian Varghese

Zoorjee is a by- word in the field of humour!   It seems that he had Mark Twain’s flair for jokes.  Zoorjee’s jokes have moral lessons and quite logical.

I thought of Zoorjee as a joyful person with a broad range of knowledge about relationships and the like.  We will not know him personally because Zoorjee is only his pen name.

How we wish we know Zoorjee!  Hence, we could decipher how he can make us laugh.  As our late George Kurian said, “Laughter is the best medicine.”  


Cherish Varghese—Here, we have another Humourist who usually post about Tintumon.  His jokes are also well-crafted like Zoorjee’s.  

Why am I so fascinated about jokes?  It’s because I also write amateur jokes.  On the other hand, Zoorjee and Cherian Varghese are veterans in their field.

Congratulations Zoorjee and Cherian Varghese!

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