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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

PRAYER FROM THE HEART by Cynthia Abegail

Lord, as I awake today, I saw again the beauty of your creation.

I realised that I am not alone but you are within me.  For every 

breath that I take is your very Own as I will not be able to 

breathe without your gift of life.

As the darkness passed and the dawn of light follows, I could 

not think of anything else but only of the notion, "How Great 

Thou Art."

I am truly excited on what the day may bring through today.  

There maybe highs, some lows, averages but the most 

important thing that I know is that you are always here beside 

me, assisting me, testing me!  Lord, did I pass the test?  Am I a 

better person now than yesterday?

I am glad that I am more of the publican who said, "I am a 

sinner!  Thanks for being kind to sinners as well...  But Lord,

truly, You are the God I worship and love!  I try also to love my 

brothers and sisters but sometimes, I mean many times I fail!

I rely on your grace, O Lord and I like to cooperate with your 

will for me!  Yours faithfully, your adoring Child☺️

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