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Saturday, November 23, 2019



(Adventures Of Mr. Spencer-Three Days Under The Bush-Part-II. Hope you have read the Introduction and the part I of the story.) New World

“Grandpa you might not believe me when I tell you that I was on a very important mission outside. By the way, can you give me a snack before I start my story?”
“OK.” I took interest in hearing the story. A packet of cat snacks lay on my nightstand, so I gave him a couple of pieces. After cracking them as if they were hard nuts, he lay on my shoulder and began his story.
“Grandpa, I have always been thankful to all of you for giving me shelter and food. I was proud to be loved and not homeless. So I wanted to return the favor. I wanted to do my duty. You know rats haunt our house. I took guard watching their movements and curtailing their activities. One day Grandma put a trap to catch them. I saw a big rat coming near the trap. As soon as I thought I had the golden opportunity to catch her, I got ready to pounce; but she smelled out the danger and made a u-turn. I slipped and got caught in the trap. Oops . . .! I tried to escape but I was stuck. I wanted to free myself before you all came in. I got out somehow, but I had to lick and lick my paws. How on earth you knew I was caught in the trap . . . I wondered. You were laughing and you started teasing me. Naturally, I got mad, but my anger was towards the rat. Even after Grandma wiped my paws with lotion, I had to lick my paws for three days in order to get them cleaned.”
“Out of my anger and frustration, I decided to wipe out the whole rat family. One day I got the chance. When the door was left open, I snuck out and ran into the bush.

(The Story Continues in Part III- Mr. Spencer The Cat finds the Rat and her family.
Please imagine what happens next !!!)
*All Rights reserved By The Author.
(Thanks to George Kurian for sharing with us this very interesting story about
Mr. Spencer, the Cat.  A brilliant fable, remember the stories of Aesop, the
literary great).  New World

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