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Thursday, November 28, 2019



Meet Allison, age fifteen with a few pimples and blackheads but basically
beautiful and smart!  The only thing I notice with Allison is her weird type of
dressing.  Whenever you meet her, it seems that there's always a kind of
a festival.  She wears this cute boots up to her ankles and her skirt is not
ordinary.  The level is not straight, but jagged with lots of trinkets and
laces and whatever are the others, I do not bother anymore.

"Hey Alison, what's up?"  Where are you going?  Allison coyly replied,
"Well, I am on my way to the Concert of Unwinding Vectors!  I am so
excited, Emmy is with me!  This is just fun!"  I quipped, "I thought you
have an exam tomorrow?"  Allison replied, "No worries, Auntie, I have
studied already and mind you, I will ace the exam tomorrow; O' I am so
excited!  I wanted to see Jacko with his bloody reddish hair and Wally with
his tanned skin and fluffy blonde hair!  I was still talking with her but
suddenly, she was gone from my sight.

At the Concert, Emmy and Allison lined up for about an hour just to get a
glimpse of the Unwinding Vectors.  I will not blame the two of them.  I was
watching in TV and O' is that Reggie with his orangy-bluish hair?:  handsome
but I like his voice.  Well, I am not a teen anymore but I felt some kind of
goose bumps when Reggie belted a sweet tune!   Suddenly, my mobile rang.
I answered, "Hello!  Lolla speaking."  On the other line, I heard shrieking
mostly girls, then Allison spoke:  "O, Auntie Lolla, Jacko is so cute and
Wally just ooze with appeal!"  I said, I know but I prefer Reggie!  "Alright,
Aunt Lolla, we have to run---I need to have an autographs of Jacko and Wally."
I joked, "Be sure not be run over!"

Soon, Allison was back at about 9:00 pm.  Goodness, she looked as if she
was devastated by an earthquake.  I said, "What happened?"  Allison spoke
with a gibberish voice, " I have to whisked through hundreds of girls to
reach my Jacko and Wally, unfortunately, my mini was tattered, I was
left with these pieces!" 

Allison was over the moon!  She said, "I will sleep now and I promise to
ace my exam tomorrow."  I smiled, "Can you with this fatigue?"  Allison
said, "I am totally inspired, you do not know what can I do with this
joy welling up in my heart."  I said, "Let us see next week, the results!"
Allison said, "I will do it." 

I saw Allison in her bed sound asleep!  True to her word, she returned to me
an overall of 95 percent average in all her subjects.  I said to myself,
"When will I meet Reggie?"  O' never mind, I am old already!

Morale:   We pass by different stages of life.  What is important is living life to the
full.  The joy and peace in one's heart is the joy and peace as gifts from above!
All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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