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Friday, December 6, 2019


Once, I was driving close to a beach and I parked.  I looked intently at the raging waters and I felt a bit uncomfortable.  Then, I meditate about the qualities of the sea.

The sea is not always raging!  It could be very gentle at times, especially on a warm summer day.  It could be moving not so fast, but not so slow either. 

I remembered our lives.  Sometimes, life is easy just like the waves of the sea which are cool and slow.  On the other hand, there could be intense trials that could sometimes agitate us to the brink.  On the other hand, our lives could be joyful at times and sorrowful sometimes.

I am fascinated by the sea not because that I like it too much.  I like to ponder on a Scripture passage where the Lord walked on the sea!  Another one too, is when Lord Jesus pacified the storm as His disciples were too worried and anxious.  We could be like the disciples, too.  In good times, we could be praising Him at the top of our voice and suddenly a devastating trial comes and we could just whimper and cry!

On the other hand, I like to be strong in times of crises, although when it comes, I am just like others who fall in deep tears and loss.  Now I know, we may not have prayed enough or we may not have prayed properly.  Maybe God has other plans for us.  Whichever maybe the reason for these, we should stand firm and say: "God will make a way."  With great hope, with great faith!  Praise God Almighty!  Alleluia!


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