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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Sarah is not an ordinary woman, not the girl next door!  She married an ordinary bloke, a tradesman
but receives enough money for them to survive.  All has been well for both of them until her
husband suddenly lost his job.  Meanwhile, Sarah could not go to work because she had been
sick for a year already.

Now, Chrismas is at hand.  They do not have anywhere to go.  They tried to find a small
dwelling but all reject them.  Sarah is all tears all night because they are basically homeless.
It is good she saved some money which will dwindle in about three months.  She prayed and
asked the Lord, "Do bad things really happen to some people?  I know I am not that good
but I always try to be."  Several months pass by and they now started to struggle!  Sarah
did not lose hope as well as Richard, her husband.  They prayed hard during these trial times.

One day, Sarah saw this advertisement on a raffle for a house.  She said, " I really do not gamble
but I will try this one.  She dreamed of owning her own house.  The draw is still seven months
after.  Now, they seek government's help.  They are now basically poor and homeless!

One day, Sarah received a phone call!  She got it, she won the 2nd prize which is a brand new
house of four bedrooms with a spa and swimming pool.  Sarah exclaimed, "Oh Lord, this is
just too much, overwhelming, but Thank you very much!"

Not used to a big house, they sold the house and bought a two bedroom one.  With some excess
money, she donated some to the poor and a few to the church.  Now, she lives comfortably
with her husband.  Her faith made her through...Praise the Lord!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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